We’d rather let them die.

Imagine how your life would be without the internet. Without a phone. Without TV. Without electricity. You are poor. There is no food. Soldiers and civilians are killing each other, and you and your family are caught in the crossfire. They come to rape the women and girls. AK-47’s are pointed at your sons and they are forced to decide to join in the raping and killing or die right where they stand. You and your family are going to die – or worse – it’s just a matter of time. You pray for help. You scream for help. Help is not coming.

You only have one chance: Get the hell out. You have to leave the country or die trying.


Now imagine that same story multiplied hundreds of thousands of times – this year alone – and you have a tiny sense of what’s going on in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere. These people would be helpless, these people would be hopeless, but for the kindness of strangers. The kindness Italy, the kindness of France, the kindness of Germany, the kindness of many other countries. But not the kindness of America.

We don’t want those people to come over here. We’d rather let them die. Plain and simple. This is the America we live in. Don’t take my word for it. Read the comments on this post, or the comments on any site posting stories similar to this one.

This is Donald Trump’s America. God help us.

11 thoughts on “We’d rather let them die.”

  1. On your About page, the last word you wrote was “Questions?”

    However, comments aren’t enabled on that page, so there’s no way to ask one.

    Oh, and thanks for liking one of my blog posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, James. I just spent an hour trying to get the About page to work properly. Apparently, only certain themes allow certain functions. So I just switched to the basic theme, which sadly, has no About page!


      1. Bummer. The theme I used for “Powered by Robots” doesn’t let me display a list of recent blog posts or any sort of history, so my older posts tend to get buried. Such are the limitations of free WordPress themes.


      1. No, you are still doing good, don’t give up.

        One problem Nazi had was lack of good criticism. America is lucky to have men like you who keep hope till the end.

        Even if your mission fails, you won’t have regrets, will you?

        I was just wondering about your expecting tormentors to feel remorse. I didn’t mean to stop you from doing the good yet impossible.


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