It’s over

The presidential debate is over. We can safely assume that, barring an act of God, Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States.

He was clear. He was confident. He was emotional. He didn’t bother with facts. He didn’t bother with directly answering the specific questions that were asked. He didn’t bother trying to act “presidential”.


I am a patriotic American. I’m also a democrat. I’m not exactly happy with the outcome of this debate.

7 thoughts on “It’s over”

    1. Thanks, KIA. Expectations were so high for Hillary to do well, expectations were so low for Trump. I agree with you. Trump looked like a monkey on crack. But Hillary looked like she always does. Confident, in charge, knowledgeable. Not inspiring.

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  1. When I watched this, I knew Hillary was the better candidate, yet when I walked away, I was disgusted knowing he just won the election.


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