Same rules apply

Can anyone prove, through logic alone, that God exists? Short answer: No. That doesn’t mean God doesn’t exist, it just means that we can’t prove that God exists through logic alone.

We have to accept that God exists through faith, and faith alone. If you believe that God exists, you know that God exists. So how should we, how must we, live our lives?

Worship God. Follow God’s rules. Do God’s will.

Please understand, these facts are essential to all Christians. But please also understand, these facts are essential to all Hebrews. And please also understand, these facts are essential to all Muslims.

If you believe that you must be Born Again, or if you believe that God promised you the land of Israel, or if you believe that God wants you to fly a plane into a building, you have to live your life accordingly, however stupid or dangerous those beliefs are.


Same rules apply…

The watering hole

Conservatives and liberals. One side is right, therefore, the other side must be wrong. But which is right and which is wrong? Both. Neither.

Please allow me to briefly explain.

A source of water was crucial to early man; so crucial that men would kill to obtain it. And kill to keep it. Water meant life. Lack of water meant certain death.

So imagine our earliest ancestors. A small group happen upon a watering hole. Everyone is healthy, happy, content. Now, another group comes along. They want the watering hole.

What does the first group do?

Two choices. The conservatives would fight the would-be invaders and hold on to what belongs to them. The liberals would welcome the other group to join them.

Which is right, which is wrong?

It all depends. Is there enough water for both groups? If so, perhaps we would be better to welcome the other group. First off, if we fight, we might lose. Secondly, if we welcome the other group, it would increase our numbers, giving us a better chance to survive the next attack. And there will, inevitably, be another attack.

If there’s not enough water for both groups, the choice is easy: Fight to hold on to what we have. It’s no longer a moral question. It’s a matter of life and death.


So, who is right, conservatives or liberals? The answer is the same now as it was ages ago: It all depends…

No child left behind? Think again.

Okay, let’s get a few things straight.

Einstein never said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

The story of Newton sitting under an apple tree, getting hit on the head by a falling apple, prompting him to come up with his law of gravity never happened. The witty author Voltaire made it up as a joke.

If you don’t know what the “I think, therefore I am.” philosophical proposition by René Descartes means, stop saying it.

Here’s a revelation. There are more than a dozen words that mean the same thing as an “aha moment”. Try using one of them once in a while. Please.


It’s astounding how many words mean the same thing as “amazing”. Try using one of them once in a while… No, don’t ever say “amazing” ever again! Ever!

We’ve already lost the war over your, you’re, yore, UR, and ur, so just use whatever the hell you want…