It’s over

The presidential debate is over. We can safely assume that, barring an act of God, Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States.

He was clear. He was confident. He was emotional. He didn’t bother with facts. He didn’t bother with directly answering the specific questions that were asked. He didn’t bother trying to act “presidential”.


I am a patriotic American. I’m also a democrat. I’m not exactly happy with the outcome of this debate.

I’ll try harder

Okay, I’m an old, white guy. A lot of people think I’m a Conservative Christian Right-wing Republican. Nothing could be further from the truth. I literally cringe when I hear anything that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth.

I have donated to, and voted for, every democrat for president all the way back to Jimmy Carter. I very strongly support the Black Lives Matter movement. I very strongly support equal rights for the LGBTQ community. I very strongly believe that quality of life is more important than sanctity of life.

As to this silly little blog, I try, with mixed results, to appeal to conservatives through logic and satire. My thought being that liberals already agree with me, so I might as well try to reason with the reasonable opposition.

Clearly, thus far, I’ve failed. Sorry. I’ll try harder…

What’s left?

This is a direct quote:

“It is an OPINION that the textbook has 68 factual errors. The people who did the analysis to find the alleged 68 errors may be themselves factullay (sic) wrong.”

The quote is from a comment on this report:

Just as the U.S. is about to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, the Texas’ elected education board is facing whether to send to its schoolchildren a Mexican American studies textbook that has been called “dripping with racism” and has been found by a state committee to have many mistakes.

The Texas State Board of Education gave the textbook a full hearing, putting it through the same process as other state textbooks, a process that lacks any earlier filter for a problematic book. The board held the hearing on the book on Tuesday, taking public comment including that of Mexican American studies scholars, legislators and a couple of young people. About 100 people signed up to speak and the book drew a busload of protestors to Austin.

The book, Mexican American Heritage, published by Momentum Instruction, was found to have 68 factual errors and 73 interpretive and omission errors by an ad hoc committee of scholars assembled by board member Ruben Cortez Jr.


Now why this is such a big deal? Texas originally acquired its power over the nation’s textbook supply because it paid 100 percent of the cost of all public school textbooks, as long as the books in question came from a very short list of board-approved options. So what comes from Texas goes, for the most part, to schoolrooms across the country.

And if facts are no longer facts, what’s left?

Our grandchildren will one day learn that in 1492 Babe Ruth cured cancer by inventing parmesan cheese…

The watering hole

Conservatives and liberals. One side is right, therefore, the other side must be wrong. But which is right and which is wrong? Both. Neither.

Please allow me to briefly explain.

A source of water was crucial to early man; so crucial that men would kill to obtain it. And kill to keep it. Water meant life. Lack of water meant certain death.

So imagine our earliest ancestors. A small group happen upon a watering hole. Everyone is healthy, happy, content. Now, another group comes along. They want the watering hole.

What does the first group do?

Two choices. The conservatives would fight the would-be invaders and hold on to what belongs to them. The liberals would welcome the other group to join them.

Which is right, which is wrong?

It all depends. Is there enough water for both groups? If so, perhaps we would be better to welcome the other group. First off, if we fight, we might lose. Secondly, if we welcome the other group, it would increase our numbers, giving us a better chance to survive the next attack. And there will, inevitably, be another attack.

If there’s not enough water for both groups, the choice is easy: Fight to hold on to what we have. It’s no longer a moral question. It’s a matter of life and death.


So, who is right, conservatives or liberals? The answer is the same now as it was ages ago: It all depends…

Color heaven

She reigns the skies from dusk till end of day;
unfurled fury of freedom taking flight,
hailing the promise of the Almighty…
Proudest symbol of purest intent, pray;
stay in our hearts and souls forever bright,
hailing the promise of the Almighty…
Rule the winds of wretched fear undaunted;
bravely uncompromised by lesser wills,
and speak of peace, our ever-lasting dream…
Color heaven with bravery vaunted;
rise above all rivers, valleys and hills,
and speak of peace, our ever-lasting dream…


Donald Trump, hallowed be thy name

Jesus said blessed are the poor, and the meek, and the peacemakers, and on and on. He taught that even a lowlife scum like a Samaritan can be considered a good person if he does good deeds.

He said God’s kingdom wasn’t some kind of empire like Babylon, or Egypt, or Rome, but within us all; and all that you needed was a new perspective, to be born again into the realization that what’s on the inside is more important than what’s on the outside.

So, why is it that Christianity in America, in 2016, is so diametrically opposed to what Jesus originally taught?

People on welfare are lazy, we need to blow up any country in the Middle East that doesn’t give us their oil, people who call God Allah instead of Jehovah are lowlife scum.

And most importantly, we have to keep the lazy lowlife scum that talk and look differently than we do on the other side of the fence. Better yet, the other side of the wall. A really big wall.

Trump rally with baby crop

I could go on and on, but let’s just stop playing games. Christianity isn’t about religion. It’s about politics.

Mr. Trump, tear down this wall!

Donald Trump’s popularity rises every time he talks about building a wall. His popularity has been rising the last couple of days. Anyone want to hazard a guess as to why?

Look, we’re not going to build a half a trillion-dollar wall and get Mexico to pay for it. We’re not going to deport eleven million people just because their green cards have expired.

This election will be determined by how many people are stirred by Trump’s nationalist message. (Yay!) All Hillary has to offer is a slow, steady, methodical approach to dealing with the reality of globalism. (Yawn.)

Is Trump a racist? That depends on your opinion of what makes someone a racist. Is Hillary untrustworthy? That depends on what your opinion of what makes someone untrustworthy.


Most republicans are going to vote for Trump even though they might not like him very much. Most democrats are going to vote for Hillary even though they might not like her very much.

Look, of the three branches of government, the executive branch has the least amount of power. The power to move the people in one way or another on a particular issue. That power is limited by Congress, and I don’t think Congress is ever going to approve the building of a half a trillion-dollar wall and getting Mexico to pay for it; and I don’t think Congress is ever going to approve of deporting eleven million people just because their green cards have expired.